Heavy metal removal


What is Chelation?

Detox your body from pollution, pesticides, heavy metals,

and unwanted medication side effects

Chelation is a heavy metal detoxification therapy. The primary purpose of Chelation is to detoxify and cleanse out our arteries, fat and bones, restoring them to optimal function and repair. Lead and mercury are two of the most common heavy metals we are exposed to inour environment. Toxic metals adversely affect every organ system disrupting homeostasis of nutrient elements. Chelation therapy can be provided intravenously or by oral supplementation. If you are experiencing various vague symptoms unexplained by regular blood work and physical exam, consider testing for urine levels of heavy metal content in your body.

  • Who needs it: Everyone! Especially, anyone who's suffering from;

    • Heavy Metal Toxicity - arsenic aluminum, mercury, lead poisoning ​

    • Coronary Artery Disease

    • Arteriosclerosis - heart and brain COPD

    • Osteoporosis

    • Poor wound healing

    • Vascular - poor circulation

    • Dementia

    • ADHD

  • How often to infuse: Twice a week infusion for a course of 12 session is recommended

  • Key Ingredients: Calcium EDTA & glutathione

  • Price: Basic Dose $200 / Max Dose $500 
    *High dose and max dose require lab work. 
    *Initial consultation is required for all new customers. 

Chelation Package
  • 2 Heavy Metal Toxins Urine Test (Pre & Post)

  • 2 Consultation with MD

  • 12 Sessions of chelation IV therapy

Add on to optimize Chelation IV

Energy IV +$200 

While chelation is pulling out heavy metals from your system, it is essential to keep your vitamins and mineral level balanced. Add Energy IV to keep your vitamins level under control. 

Extra Hydration +$50

Hanging an another saline bag after your IV drip always makes you feel better as our body consistently needs more hydration. Ask us for an extra hydration next time you come in for your infusion.